Why Be Shy?

This problem is possibly one of the biggest things that hold people back in life. Being shy is horrible because, believe it or not, most people who are shy… don’t want to be! We want to be just as outgoing as the next person. There’s nothing fun about being inconsequential.

Now it has some up-sides.  Such as…

-Those times when you feel like you just put your foot in your mouth occur A LOT less often.

-Generally you can tell when to stop talking in a situation easier.

-Teachers always notice you and never have anything bad to say about you. Except maybe that you’re too quiet. I’ve heard that far too many times. (If you are failing classes, that is a different story.)

-You’re either called quiet, bashful, or just bizarre. All of which I perceive as charming traits, even bizarre.

But the bad outweigh the good. Often, shy people go through a lot of things that outgoing, outspoken people don’t even think twice about.

-Small talk becomes such an arduous task that you feel the need to slither out of it as soon as it begins.

-Because of this, people get in the habit of not approaching you. You look in their eyes as you pass by and by now they’ve stopped looking back in yours.

-Because you are never approached and you are too afraid to branch out, you stick with the same group of friends (which actually becomes a bit stagnant sometimes.)

-In debates you either are too nervous to speak, or if you do speak, the points get all mixed up after you open your mouth. It’s like at that moment someone switches on a blade in your brain to Puree. Ouch.

-Outgoing people feel and act awkward around you. Jake, the cool-funny-guy is making jokes surrounded by people in a room and he’s acting like his usual goofy self. When you come around and perhaps…strike up conversation, he’s suddenly uninterested in life, and does not attempt to hide it.

So obviously it sucks to be shy. I went from being Very Shy to a little Less Shy. It’s not hard. You just have to become vulnerable for a short period of time, put yourself out there, and fake confidence like you’ve never faked it before. If you’re an actor EVEN BETTER.

The key is branching out, and even though I am less shy, I am still freaking awkward sometimes. If you remember that most people are just as awkward as you are, then you’ll be able to laugh about it and move from one awkward situation to the next with a laugh and a snort ready to go.


  1. Though I’m not a shy person by nature, I have met a lot of people who are. Like you said, it takes a just a little confidence to approach people. And once you do that, it will become easier later on.

    Being shy is no crime and a shy person isn’t an outlaw. But, they tend to become socially isolated. And the more you hold yourself back, the more shy you tend to become. It takes very little to overcome the fear. 🙂

    Just a few thoughts. 🙂 Good day!

  2. 1) I wish I knew how to make those smileys
    2)Yeah. Everything you said I had to learn the hard way. Of course people tell you these things, but you never think it’s that easy. And of course the key factor is fear.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. Getting the smileys are easy. Goto: Writing Options and make sure that the field ‘Convert emoticons like 🙂 and 😛 to graphics on display’ is checked.

    Now, you can make smileys just like you type them. Here are a few examples:

    ‘:-)’ —–> 🙂
    ‘:-D’ —-> 😀
    ‘:-P’ —–> 😛
    ‘;-)’ —–> 😉

  4. 2. Well, for a very shy person the thing is not to give up. The more you talk/interact with people, it becomes easier. I have seen a lot of shy people transform beyond my expectations.

    Well, conversing with you over comments, you really don’t seem like a very shy person yourself. I don’t know whats worrying you.

    P.S: For the smileys type the stuff without the single quotes. 🙂

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