FINALS are here already?

Well, I’m just going to stop apologizing for my delayed posts, because in all actuality, they will probably become more frequent.

This past few weeks has been tough because of the curse that has plagued young people around the world. FINALS. Studying the week before…I do not advice it. Start earlier! Especially if you are incapable of remembering things from four months ago (Like me!)

But this week has been surprisingly low key. Last week was hell week in a very literal sense. I had a lot to do.

-Being in the school play (getting home at 11-o-clock every night)

-Staying up until 1:00 am studying for tests

-Taking tests on 4-5 hours of sleep

-Cast Party (couldn’t go, because I was too tired)

Luckily, my friends and I don’t have a lot of drama going on. Well, actually, there is always some long-running drama, I just choose to ignore it unless they need some sort of support. I’m always the observer and rarely am I ever in the center of the drama. Most times this pleases me, but every once in while I just get bored and infuse myself into the drama. (I know, it’s not right.) 🙂

This is a pathetic excuse for an entry. They’ll get better after this Hell-ish few weeks.

List of Fours

Well, I never thought it would be so difficult to blog every other day, but man things really get hectic.


I was tagged to do this really cool thingy, so here it goes. I didn’t realize that you were supposed to copy a paste, sooooo I made up questions. Too much work to redo it. 🙂

4 bands I love:


The Klaxons

The Dears

Kaiser Chiefs

4 countries I want to visit:





4 people I would like to meet (dead and alive):

Barbara Stanwick

Marlon Brando

Hayden Christensen

Kate Winslet

4 books I’ve read recently (and liked):

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

Beloved by Toni Morrison

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

4 Old Movies I love:

Gilda (1946)

The Lady Eve (1941)

High Society (1956)

A streetcar named desire (1951)

4 Religions That I somehow connect with:





(if i could add more I would)

4 majors I’m considering:


Art History

Creative Writing

Social Sciences (Archeology)

4 common scenarios of LIFE that I love:

No school

thunderstorms (the kind when the sky gets really dark in daytime)

Sneaking Out

Making S’mores

4 Favorite Foods:

Veggie Burgers

Alfredo Pasta

Chocolate Chip Cookies (warm with soy or regular milk)

Cheese Enchiladas

4 places I’d rather be at this moment:

On a beach with a bonfire (making s’mores)

At a bookstore with unlimited shopping money

A fancy restaurant (that’s not in America) sipping a glass of wine

Strolling in the rain with a significant other