Sorry Visions

There’s a bonfire burning incessantly behind my eyes.

In my darkest moments it grows so bright.

The illusion is not of smoke or flame,

But it begins with the letters of your name.


When I close my eyes to forget,

The fire is burning brighter yet.

Somehow the vision still remains.

And the darkness stays the same.


Steadily, balefully haunting my thoughts.

Visiting where you’re wanted not.

In my dreams to make me sick,

But I am secretly loving it. 


I’m regretting letting you go.

I know someday I’ll want you to know

Everything I’ve felt these past few years.

Just not now. Not right here.


Deep in the hallways of my mind,

Nothing passes except for time.

Not even the memory of my love,

My secret unrelenting drug.

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